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Your safety is a top priority for us. With multiple built in safety features, Healing Tubs  Walk-In Tubs help make your bathing experience one that is worry free, risk free & secure. 

Safety features like a no-leak door, anti-slip tub floor, 17-inch high seat, low threshold of four inches, and in-line heater for consistent water temperature, are a few features that

showcase our commitment towards your safety. Our tubs are also fitted with 31 strategically placed therapeutic jets, easy to reach controls, and a less than four inch step into

the tub. Healing Tubs  tubs come pre-installed with built-in grab bars for easy access and reinforced safety.

Healing Tubs Walk-In Tubs stringently adheres to very high standards and is committed to providing excellence in the consistent delivery of products and services catering to

the needs of the elderly and physically challenged. Our tubs are used & loved by many people similar to you and have helped better their lives. Their testimonials are proof

of how our tubs have helped reinvent their lives for the better. Adopt Healing Tubs  today and lift the constant fear and burden off your shoulders.




It is now Easy to own a tub that is custom built for your needs and preferences with Healing Tubs  Walk-In Tubs. Healing Tubs tubs come preinstalled with unique features that

help provide you with Hydrotherapy, Dual Chromatherapy & Aromatherapy. Experience the luxury of a spa at the convenience of your home, with controls that are easy to use,

converting your bathing experience into one that is relaxing and leisure filled.  Our tubs are the best in their class, with features that cover your every need.  Hydrotherapy,

Dual Chromatherapy & Aromatherapy not only helps make your bathing experience an enriching one, but they attempt to heal you in the process.

With our walk-in shower and bath-solutions, triple hydrotherapy in the comfort and privacy of your own home couldn’t be any easier! Hydrotherapy is effective and safe and

serves as a soother for many medical & health conditions.  Hydrotherapy helps resolve & treat varied health concerns such as arthritis, muscle weakness, muscle cramping,

circulatory disorders, diabetes, muscle and ligament injuries, bone pain, internal balance issues, and stress-related health conditions.